3rd Album Finished

Well it's taken a while but we have finally finished the "Tricky 3rd Album". I'd like to say we had spent the past few years slaving over the Fred & Al master work, however I would be lying. We have however pulled our fingers out over the last couple of months to do the last of the recording and mixing to bring you the long and un-awaited 'A Touch Of Class'

3 free tracks are available to download here as MP3's or you can listen to them on our myspace page

Copies of the album are available on CD from our SHOP or just from us if you happen to see us about.

We will be annoying all the regulars at the local open mics over the coming months and if we get any gigs we will post them up on the web site


Swan Sanctuary Benefit Gig

Some time (years) ago we played a "benefit gig" at the Phoenix Bar in Hitchin. We were asked to pick the charity that a share of the profits to go to. We decided that a suitable Fred and Al Charity would be the Swan Sanctuary based in Egham (where Fred lived whilst at Uni). So just in case there was ever any doubt that we donated the money then we have provided proof for you below.


Bloggers Stealing Pictures

Recently we were looking at the statistics for traffic on this web site when we noticed that one picture of a Gideon’s bible had become strangely popular. On further investigation it was discovered that a very religious blog called 'Beggars All' had decided to link to this picture on our server. I wasn't particularly bothered about the fact they had stolen copyrighted material because that would make me a complete hypocrite but I was bothered about the fact that they were using all my bandwidth with not even a mention about were they had taken the picture from. As you may or may not know, I am a very petty man, so revenge was swift and direct. Please see the before and after pictures of the 'Beggars All' Blog below. Why not pay them a visit to see if they have noticed yet.


'The Dogs Ballads', Free Online Live EP

Fred & Al have now released a free online Live EP called 'The Dogs Ballads'. The CD contains four tracks recorded live at Hemel Old Town Halls 'Acoustic' Night. Two of the tracks 'Barney The Sweaty Badger' and 'A Spaniels Tail' are not available on any CD (Yet). The songs and CD artwork can be downloaded HERE.


Live Circuit compilation CD, "Elsie's Reaching For The Stars"

Fred and Al will be appearing on the next Live Circuit Compilation CD called 'Elsie's Reaching For The Stars'. We have submitted a new song called 'Pet's Affliction' that we have been playing live for a few months but as yet does not appear on any other CD. Other bands included on the CD are STONEGRASS, DOT HARDCORE, RED MAXX, ALL ACCUSED, INDIANA, SNIPER, HISTORY OF GUNS, THE $ELL-OUTS and AUTOFIRE. No release date has been given yet but we will post info here as soon as we know.


3 Counties Radio Live at Rhythms of the world, Saturday 10th July

Today after playing at Club 85 in the Rhythms of the world festival we were asked to play a couple of songs at the BBC 3 Counties Radio studio. We played a new song 'Pets Affliction' and an old song 'Gideons' that was meant to have a new section. Pets affliction went well and we thought we were home free with Gideons, an old song we had played a million times, unfortunately however I forgot the words half way through the first verse and as soon as Fred started to sing the whole studio was filled with the most incredible feedback I have ever heard. This put us both off a little and we forgot to do the new part of the song we had added a couple of nights earlier. After we had finished we found out that there had been a few calls to the station, 2 of praise and 1 of complaint about us being nasty to moles in the first song. Brilliant.

If any one listened to the broadcast and would like to hear the new version of Gideons without feedback then we will be playing it at the gigs above.


Animal Vegetable Mineral, Re Mastered

After Fred and Al recently listened to their first Album 'Animal, Vegetable, Mineral' they realised that the mixing and audio quality on most tracks was a bit ropey. They decided to re mix the album using most of the original recordings and a few new ones where the originals had been lost. The new CD has hopefully improved the audio quality without loosing any of the charm it may have had. The new CD will feature the new extended version of 'My Doggy Has Died' and some other more subtle changes to old tracks.


3 Counties Radio

This Saturday the 29th of May at 2:30pm 'Fred & Al' will be playing live on BBC 3 Counties Radio. If you live in Herts, Beds or Bucks you can listen on your radio on the frequency's shown below. They will be playing a couple of new songs live and will also be interviewed by the presenter. BBC 3 Counties Radio

  • Herts 103.8 FM
  • Beds 95.5 FM
  • Bucks 104.5 FM


Dot Com

After being out of action for just over 2 months the web site has returned with a .co.uk instead of its old .com, this is due to our .com name being taken from us when we went to re-register it. We allowed the .com name to expire with our old host company because sucked more than porn star with a six-movie deal. The name was taken be a group of people who take names you want and then try to charge you ridiculous sums of money to get it back, over $300.00 in fact. The old name is now pointed at hardcore porn sites. This is not legal for many reasons, but getting it back is not the quickest of processes so for now we will be a .co.uk. We would ask that however tempting it is to look at porn you do not look at it through our old name, as this will make it more valuable to these people.


Verulam Radio

We were very pleased to be invited on to Verulam Radio recently to do the showcase hour. 1 whole of Fred & al talking out of their arses. Verulam Radio


Hertbeat FM 'Battle of the Bands'

On Wednesday the 11th of February 2004 Fred & Al were played on Heartbeat FM in a battle of the bands. Listeners voted on line for there favourite and Fred & Al lost miserably. Ah Well, when your played next to Janet Jackson and the latest pre pubed boy brats your going to sound a little out place. Thats the reason okay! Hertbeat.com


New Album

The New Album 'Where Squirrels Dare' is out now and you can hear tracks and even purchase the album on line HERE


Live Tracks

When we supported Arthur Brown (name dropping) we had a recording made of our set. I have put one of the tracks called Cave Photograph on the free music page. Free Music


A review by a colleague of Freds on hearing songs from 'A Touch Of Class'

Go Freddy Go  by Brian Clayton

Freddy Farmer is in a dilemma
he’s feeling very sad.
He wants to be a singer
but his voice is really bad .

I’ve heard his latest effort
I think it’s meant to be rap.
But to be perfectly honest
it sounded a load of crap.

But Fred wouldn’t take the blame
he said “it can’t be me.
I’m sure the problem is
that the music is out of key”.

So Fred hang up your mike
it’s really no disgrace.
To admit you’ve as much chance of making it
as Everton in the Premiership race.

Steve Maggs - GO Magazine, Watford Observer          04/10/02.           

On the Fred & Al Gig at 'The Horns' in Watford earlier that week

"The unusual and slightly controversial Fred & Al. I have to say I heard mutterings of discontent and some people walked out but their Syd Barratt style meanderings and quirky devil may care attitude made its mark on those who stayed. I say all great bands start out by confusing their audiences, and I'm backing them to confound their critics, and if they dont it'll be a weird an uncoordinated ride to obscurity, which is always fun."


Mr Plum (Ocelot)

Every now and again, a band will come along that will make you want to change your life. Fred & Al will make you want to change your underwear. Fred and Al write brilliantly skewed pop tunes mainly about unfortunate woodland animals, dogs and in the case of Tony Lemurmer a biting satire of the chill out CD industry. Check out their Website



Im a big fan. I've seen u live a couple of times and ure songs r so funny. I also have ure new cd. Best £5 i ever spent. And penny whistles, i mean there good, not great, but good. And i was wondering if you could teach me the ferret language so i can share the ferret anguish?



Gentlemen, your CD is a work of genius :-)


Guy in Pheonix Bar, Hitchin

I'm Glad I had an argument with the missis, as otherwise I would'nt have got to come out and see you guys play.


A Fan (their words not ours)

i saw you at the old town hall in hemel. oh, my sides!
still stunned by your musical genius, i was wondering if you could write a very short song for me. nothing spectacular, but as long as you slip in the name 'Matthew Lloyd' somewhere. doesn't have to be long, a minute wil do. and then if you could send it to me that'd be great :D