Stephen Farmer was born January 1979 at Clatterbridge Hospital to Kerris and Michael Farmer. Kerris had always wanted to name her newborn son Fred but fearing ridicule, she opted for the more fashionable first name of Stephen, this name went on the birth certificate and he was even christened with this name. Fear of ridicule did not last however and Stephen Farmer has been called Fred Farmer ever since (except for all legal documents). A confusing start for a confusing man.

At the age of seven Fred's Family got Brutus the Dog, childhood friend to Fred and the subject of many songs. Brutus died of a nasty case of death at the respectable age of 15 (105 dog years) in 2001

In 1990 Fred begins Secondary School at 'Pensby High School for Boys' this is where Fred and Al will meet for the first time.

At the age of 14 Fred gets his Jaw Broken by a Scally for not having a Fag. Fred gets a massive cash pay out for this incident, which enables him, some years later, to travel the world for a year (unlike the scally who once travelled to Warrington)

Fred's favourite foods are bannoffee pie and smoked salmon, his favourite colour is Blue and he takes his tea black with no sugar (a little like his women)


Alan Vickers was born June 1979 at Wythenshawe Hospital Manchester to Colin and Janet Vickers. Alan was named after a farmer his farther knew called Alan Harper. Alan's parents were happy with his name and were in no way embarrassed by their choice. A regular start for an exceptional man (its my site I can write what I like)

At the age of 4 Alan's family get Meg the Dog and move to the Wirral. Meg died in 1998 also at the respectable age of 15

At the age of 12, Alan falls from an 8Ft fence straight onto his head. A brief spell of unconsciousness followed by pain followed by amnesia and no large cash pay out give Alan a slightly dazed outlook on life. Months later he starts at 'Pensby High School for Boys'

Alan's favourite foods are Cool Original Doritos and Mars Bar Milk Shake Drinks, his favourite colour is Blue and he likes his tea white with 2 sugars (a lot like his women)

The Music…

Fred and Al didn't really have much to do with each other at school and it wasn't until they were in their final year that they became friends.

Click Here To Listen To Fred Playing Bandages At The Full Moon Club, Birkenhead

Fred had started to write and sing punk songs at open mic nights on the Wirral calling himself simply 'Fred'. This peaked as Fred added friends Glen Eagle on drums and Keith 'Badger' Garner on Bass, none of them were playing at the same tempo or in the same key but they always went down well. Fred decided to call this a day when he thought it was all getting a bit too serious. Fred's unbelievable cover of 'Help' by the Beatles, which he performed around this time, is still being talked about today. They really thought he needed help.
At the same time, Al was taking stereos to pieces and splicing wires together to try to record weird and wonderful music using anything he could get his hands on. This resulted in some incredibly disturbing music that would have been more useful scaring birds off runways.

Click Here To Scare Birds With Al's Song LDTO

Click Here to listen to 'Shrew'

Click here to listen to 'Crumpets'

Al had helped Fred record some of his songs back on the Wirral and had one tape to show for it that they called 'Last Prize in the Raffle'. It wasn't until they moved down south to go to University however that the Fred and Al you see here now really started. Fred had bought a 4 Track Tape Recorder and whenever Fred and Al met up, Al would help Fred to record his songs. Soon Al was playing bongos and Keyboards on some recordings and eventually singing on one co written song called 'Crumpets'. All these recordings were put onto a tape they called 'Upper Middle Lo-Fi' under the name of 'Fred & Al's Little Adventure'
Fred and Al carried on making the odd recording to share with friends but had never played live together and had never really intended to either. Fred played one small gig on his own at his university before he left to go travelling for a year and Al got a Job and a girl friend and stayed living down south.
When Fred returned from his travels he decided to move away from the Wirral and as a temporary solution came to stay with Al until he got a house sorted. It was during this time that Fred was asked to come and play at his old University Bar again, he said yes and then added that Al would also be playing on bongo and keyboards. This would Be Fred and Al's first gig and the start of the band. They cobbled together every song they had that wouldn't get them beaten up and practiced every hour they could get. The gig went well (especially as they were paid in beer) and they decided to make a CD of all the songs they had played, this CD was the first album 'Animal Vegetable Mineral'.

Fred and Al have continued to play regularly around Hertfordshire supporting some great local bands like 'My Pet Junkie' and 'Ocelot'. They were also a little surprised this year when they were asked to support the god of hell fire 'Arthur Brown' at Club 85 in Hitchin. They have just released their second CD 'Where Squirrels Dare' and have already started working on their third CD which at the moment has the title 'A Touch Of Class'

You can hear tracks from both CD's on this site, just click here