The Dogs Ballads
Free Live EP


This is a Free Web EP of 4 Songs recorded Live at a Gig in the Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead.

The EP Contains Live versions of 2 new songs and 2 old songs from our previous albums.

A Spaniels Tail
The true story of my imaginary pet Spaniel and his efforts to cope with having two wheels instead of back legs.

Barney The Sweaty Badger
Body Odour is no ones friend and neither is the badger who is afflicted with it.

Bag O Salad
The little bag of salad you get with your take away curry, what is it for?
A short and futile existence really

My Doggy Has Died
Loosely based on a story some girl I used to live with told me whereby she watched her dog get run over. The chorus is dedicated to my late dog Brutus, RIP. The Live version has an intro that wasn’t around when we recorded the first album.

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