A Touch Of Class


This is Fred & Al's third Album. The Album has taken a little over four years to finish. Unfortunately this time was not spent slaving over every last second of audio to create their masterwork; they are sadly just lazy. And if the front cover is anything to go by the last four years have not been kind to Fred and Al

Worcestershire Sauce (56k Download 874KB)
Cheese on toast wouldn't be the same without this little 'touch of class' 
Mutant Bride            (56K Download 1.20MB)
Inspiration has an unfortunate sense of timing; in this case a friends wedding.
For the record the bride was not, and is not, a mutant. 
She just happened to get married in a zoo.
David Bellamy
Who's your favorite botanist?
Pets Affliction
Pets die! Fact of life. Here is how I killed some of mine.
Skate Park Whore
Are you sitting comfortably? Well not for long. 
Fred pushes the boundaries of acceptable song writing once again
Barney The Sweaty Badger
A true story. 
FACT: their is a breed of badger called the Teledu that is known for it's smelliness.
A Spaniels Tail (56K Download 1.08MB)
Pets with wheels, cruel or kind?
Up In The Trees
A little distraction from the normal stuff and more squirrel than you can shake a stick at
Sharks of the Ponds
The first of the fish based songs with a dance theme but certainly not the last. 
Inspired by Tears for fears???
Music To Calm Punk Ferrets
A new version of a song from 'Where Squirrels Dare'. Same words different tune.
Freddy EFF
Take fly, boss walk, jam nitty gritty, your listening to the Fred from the big bad city... 
This is Freddy EFF, This is Freddy EFF
Oh Little Chef
One law suit to go please
Salmon Song
Fish dance part 2
Loves Lost Highway
80's love ballads never sounded so good... Oh yes they did
An educational song with a choir of Algae to boot. 
Your really getting your moneys worth with this one.

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