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Every now and again, a band will come along that will make you want to change your life. Fred & Al will make you want to change your underwear.

Mr Plum (Ocelot)

Fred - this is crazy .... So how about some chicken chasing lyrics?


al, are you a proper gideon? do you belong?
do you have a nice certificate???

Jealouse Twin

i met a real life dog called basil the other day, and i thought of you.

Jealouse Twin

10:26 a.m. A woman on the 1600 block of West 7th Street near Interstate 780 reported that "a very aggressive squirrel" came out of some bushes and attacked her as she was walking southbound on the west side of West Seventh Street. After conducting a thorough search of the area, police were unable to locate any predatory, carnivorous, or even suspicious thug squirrels, so the search was called off.

Did it try to fly into the candy machine to get some chips? 8:37 a.m. Someone at a business on the 5000 block of East Industrial Way reported that an injured hawk in the break room. An animal control officer responded but was unable to contain it "due to being high in the rafters." An employee promised to call back if they got it contained.

as far as i know, they never got it contained!


There is a couple in Pennsylvania who have a nine year old pet Gray Squirrel. They obtained her legally in another state, but when they returned to Pennsylvania, where they are originally from, the Game Commission found that they had "Nutkin." The Pennsylvania Game Commission laws are so vague, one can interpret them many different ways, but the PA Game Commission insists that Nutkin is illegal. This couple stood their ground and did not turn their family pet over to the PGC and have been fighting the Game Commission for six months, while Nutkin remains in hiding. The Pennsylvania Game Commission won't budge and neither will Nutkin's family.
These kind folks really miss Nutkin and want to bring her back home.

please look at this site for more info.

Jeff Bridges

I had a gideon for breakfast, except it didnt break my fast.
And as for penny whistles, i bought one for a pound. I was slightly peeved

Kerry Peaches

I got a penny whistle for a farthing, 2 shillings and a goat's nipple the
other day. Oh how my heart did flutter with joy

Kerry Peaches

I heard fred knobbed his dog once? is this true?


Your spelling is rubbish and a sad indictment of the state school system in the UK. As this is an international site it is sending out a very poor message to our less fortunate foreign brothers who will probably be dropping the UK down the list of potential asylum destinations. I wouldn't be surprised if they close Songat down before the year is out.....

fuck me side ways!!! you guys are cooler than a ferret caught in the ice age with only a super orignal polo for refreshment. can i marry either of you? i like the one that calls himself fred although he looks like a bit of a bastard. cute sprout.




LINK Saw this in the morning and immediately thought of you two.


Im a big fan. Ive seen u live a couple of times and ure songs r so funny. I also have ure new cd. Best £5 i ever spent. And penny whistles, i mean there good, not great, but good. And i was wondering if you could teach me the ferret language so i can share the ferret anguish?


Please do not spit on the chicken


Stop smoking the cheeba .Get real jobs or i will damage myself seriously.Blah blah blah. Still washing out sandwich bags?


Gentlemen, your CD is a work of genius :-)


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